Will I need a plumber?
No: Magiplug can be fitted in minutes simply attach to your existing plug chain.

Will it fit my bath?
Yes: Magiplug is available to fit all baths in the UK - Europe and USA.

Can I get one for my sink
Yes: Magiplug is available for the sink as well as the bath.

Is Magiplug available in other countries?
Yes: Magiplug is available world-wide.

I already have an overflow on my bath why do I need Magiplug?
The overflow can only cope with a slow running tap and not both taps on full power which is the reason there are so many accidental household floods today.

Is it under guarantee.
Yes: we guarantee our product for 2 years but expect it will last 10 years or more.

How will Magiplug warn me of the water being too hot?
If the water is above what is considered a safe temperature the pressure plate in the centre of the plug will change colour normally at around 32-41 degrees C.

Can you have a deep bath using Magiplug?
Yes: Magiplug is designed simply to prevent your bath from overflowing.

Is it safe for children to use?
It is 100% safe for anyone to use.

Is it available in different colours?
Magiplug® is available in Black/White/Blue/Red and a variety of other popular colours.

Can I have a really hot bath without affecting the plug?
Yes: but the plug will tell you when the water is too hot by changing colour.

Will it rust?
No: it will not rust as it is not metal.

How long will Magiplug go on working if I forget about the Bath running?
Magiplug is tested for a period of 1 week non stop usage with both taps constantly running on full power